2 min readApr 11, 2020

In Nigeria today, one of the most unnoticed goldmine is the education sector; whether primary, secondary of tertiary institution. The education is one of the most underrated sectors in Nigeria. We can all see from poor education to lack of educational facilities to enhance effective and conducive learning environment.

It is evident that there is little or no motivation as regards the salary structure of employees in the education sector. This is because of delay or no payment of salaries. The teachers receive the lowest salaries compared to other workers in other sectors in Nigeria like the oil and gas sector etc.

If the private institutions (universities, polytechnics and college of education) can attract investors either in form of franchise or change of ownership; I see the private institution taking over the efficiency of the public tertiary institution in Nigeria.

Why I said there is need for investment in the education sector is because it is a kind of business that doesn’t depend on season to perform well in terms of revenue generation.

The education sector plays a very important role in both the finance sector and the health sector. Without the education sector there will be no research on new vaccines as regards the health sector. There will also be no research on the financial sector as regard accounting principles.

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There is a correlation between the revenue generated from the education sector and the economic growth and development in Nigeria. There are lots of models to show there the education; the oil and agricultural sector are the major contributors to the Nigeria GDP.