Simple Tips On How To Score ‘A’ In Undergraduate Project Defence

Project defence is an academic exercise that every student must undergo when they get to their final semester in final year. Undergraduate students are expected to write a research project in their final year of their academic pursuit which extends to defending the project. In writing project, students integrate all the skills and knowledge they have learnt from previous studies into real life practice by going into the field to research on the project topic they’ve chosen which explains the problem they’ve identified.

Undergraduate research is the exploration of a specific topic within a field by undergraduate students which in turn makes an original contribution to their discipline pr course of study. It is also an important academic activity that integrates acquired knowledge of years of study with professional application. However, project writing and project defence are more demanding than any other academic activities or any kind of teaching and learning. This is because it requires an independent inquiry, exercise of judgment and an articulated and well standard presentation of your thesis to prove an understanding of your research work. Overall, the written research work should be well structured and articulated.


Undergraduate project defence is an academic exercise that students undergo. It entails that students defend their written project in the presence of their supervisors and others that make up the defence panel.

It is expected that during the project defence, students explain their reason for carrying out the research, the problem statement, their research findings, as well as appropriate recommendations. Questions may be asked as regards your findings, make sure to be prepared ahead of time that is why it is pertinent that you have a very good understanding of your research topic.



One of the ways to scoring an A in an undergraduate project defence is to make sure whatever topic you choose; you have a very good understanding of it. Choosing a project topic you understand and have a keen interest in is very impiortnat in the success of your project defence. Remember that your project defence carries more marks than any of your courses, and it can either lift or bring down your CGPA. Therefore, it is advised that you take your project defence very seriously which begins with choosing a project topic that you understand. Do not allow anyone make a choice of any undergraduate project topics to you. Make sure whatever project topic you are researching on is a topic you chose yourself.

Therefore, your project topic should stem from a problem you have identified or that has drawn your attention and you are interested in finding solutions to the problem as well as making appropriate and feasible recommendations.

Choosing a project topic is very important because it will help you a great deal on the day of your defence. No one gives what he/she doesn’t have. You must have an understanding of something to be able to give a vivid and concise explanation to it to the understanding of your audience. It only shows that you know what you are doing as well as understand your project topic very well.


It is not enough to write a project topic but you must understand that there is a part for physical application of your research and you must ensure that in the course of your research work.

During your project defence, your audience expect you to tell them the physical application of your project work that is to say how can your research be applied in solving the problem you have identified which necessitates the research work in the first place. What is the point of research if it cannot be physical applied or feasible and achievable recommendations.

Therefore it is important that you understand the physical application of your research work even before appearing before the defence panel this will boost your confidence and gain you an applaud from your audience and of course an excellent mark.


An understanding of your research methodology is vital in the process of your reserve work. After choosing a project topic, the next thing you should have in mind is the methodology to apply which must concise with your project topic. The variables in your research topics are what determine the methodology to use in your research work. There is the primary and secondary data. If your research work requires primary data then you must understand the use of the primary data very well and apply it accordingly in your research work. If it’s the secondary data, then you must also understand it application in your research work. Whatever methodology you use, make sure you understand it very well and apply it accordingly.


Another point to having a good defence and scoring excellently well in your project defence is to be able to explain your statement of the problem and apply the right methodology to solving the identified problem(s). Every research begins with the identification of a problem and then solution. If you cannot clearly explain your statement of the problem which led to your research then it will assumed that you don’t know what you are doing neither do you understand your research work properly and may look as though you didn’t carry out the research yourself.

Therefore, you must understand the statement of your problem to the conviction of your supervisor and other audience present.


Confident is a robe you must wear always and al times if you must go far in life. Nobody believes or have confidence in anyone who doesn’t believe in him/herself. Therefore, even during your defence, it is expected you wear this robe. Be confident in defending your research work. This is your research work and not another’s so you should stand firm, be bold and confident. This will pass a message to your audience that you understand your research work very well without giving them any reason to doubt your research work.


Lastly but not the least pray for grace. No one goes far without grace. Grace is an unmerited favor. If you dont find favor in the sight of your defence panel during your defence, even with all the points above, they may still not find it appealing and that may give you a poor mark in your defence which will obviously affect your CGPA. So pray for grace to see through even after having all the points listed above.

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