Undergraduate project topics are one of the most important things every final year students need to finally complete his/her programme in the University. Below is the list of project topics and materials:


Ø The Effects Of Computerized Accounting System On The Performance Of Banking Industry In Nigeria

Ø The Impacts Of Financial Accounting On The Corporate Performance Of Business Organization

Ø The Impact Of Internal Control System On The Financial Management Of An Organization

Ø The Effects Of Accountability And Transparency In Financial Management Of Nigerian Local Government

Ø Tax Incentives Catalyst For Industrial Development And Economic Growth

Ø Role Of Financial Statement In Investment Decision Making

Ø Relevance Of Financial Ratio Analysis In The Appraisal Of Small Scale Business

Ø Problems And Prospects Of Auditing In Government

Ø Effects Of Structural Adjustment Programmer On Accounting Principles

Ø Significance Of External Auditors On The Examination Of Financial Statement

Ø The Impacts Of Accountancy Information On Decision Making Process


Ø Physical Growth And Development In The Middle Childhood Years

Ø The Effect Of Drug Abuse On The Growth Of Crime In Nigeria

Ø An Investigation Into The Causes Of Sexual Harassment Among Tertiary Institution Students In Nigeria

Ø An Investigation On Parental Involvement And On Child Academic Performance

Ø An Investigation On The Usage Of Computer Based Test On The Performance Of Secondary Schools Students In Nigeria

Ø An Investigation To The Causes Of Mass Failure In External Examination

Ø Comparative Analysis Between The Performance Of Public And Private Schools Students

Ø Comparative Analysis Of Male And Female Students Performance In English And Mathematics

Ø Effect Of Computerization Of Library On Students Academy Performance

Ø Effect Of Instructional Material On Teaching Social Studies Education

Ø Effect Of Stress On The Teaching Performance Of Secondary School Teachers


Ø The Impact Of Federally Collected Taxes On Economic Growth

Ø Effects Of Exchange Rate Fluctuation On Economic Growth In Nigeria

Ø Capital Maintenance In A Period Of Inflation

Ø The Role Of Oil Companies In The Nigerian Developmental Process

Ø The Role Of African Development Bank In Nigeria Economic Development

Ø Effect Of Bank Fail Effective Budgetary Control As An Instrument For Organizational Survival In Nigeria Economy

Ø The Effect Of Unbidle Importation On Indegineous Industries

Ø The Effect Of Multinational Corporation On The Nigeria Economy

Ø Evaluation Of Internally Generated Revenue And Economic Growth Of Kano State From 1999–2014

Ø Investment Appraisal In A Depressed Economy A Case Study Of Cadbury Nigeria Plc

Ø The Impact Of Rising Interest Rate On Manufacturing Sector Of The Nigerian Economy




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